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Better Properties
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The Marquee
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Grand Cayman
Cayman Islands

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Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman


The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Dependent territory with His Excellency the Governor as the head of Government as the representative of the Her Majesty the Queen of England.  For all intents and purposes the day to day running of the country is performed by Governor-in-Cabinet which is made up of The Governor, Official representatives and other members chosen from the locally elected representatives to the Legislative Assembly (Parliament).

Financial Centre

In addition, the Cayman Islands is the Fifth largest Financial Centre in the world.  The financial industry and the Tourism industry are the two major factors in providing the Cayman Islands with the highest standard of living in the Caribbean.  With nearly 500 banks registered here, over 40 of the world's top 50 banks are represented. 

Tax Free

The Cayman Islands is a 'No-Tax' jurisdiction.  There is no income, corporate, real estate, capital gains or any other direct Taxes.  The Government derives it's income from indirect taxes such as import duties, and financial licenses. There are no currency exchange controls.


One result is a very cosmopolitan society with representatives of most ethnic backgrounds in the world.  This is driven by the diverse opportunities for employment which has attracted top professionals from around the world to settle and work in Cayman.  The quality offered by the Legal, Banking, Insurance, Accounting and other communities is world class.  This has led to outstanding opportunities for Caymanians to learn and be part of this success story.  This and the nature of the Caymanians has led to a very harmonious society.

Real Estate

The three islands are small and with the factors mentioned above, the demand for real estate is very high.  This has led to a very vibrant and profitable real estate market.  With no taxes on real estate many investors have used land in the Cayman Islands as a 'Land Bank'.  Much of the investment in property is not highly leveraged leading to a very stable and successful investment market.  Prices are on a par with some of the most expensive areas in the USA.

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